Lesson tickets are for 10 lessons. All tickets have no expiry date.

入会費 / Enrollment fee             $50


1対1 60分 / 60 minutes 1 on 1        $50

10回分レッスンチケット/10 lesson ticket   $480 ($20 お得/savings!)


キッズ(18歳まで)60分 / Kids under 18    $45

10回分レッスンチケット/Kids 10 lesson ticket   $450

ミニグループ(二人) 60分x10回分    一人$250 per person
Mini group (2 people) 60 min. x 10 lessons

グループ(三人)   60分x10回分    一人$200 per person
Group (3 people) 60 min. x 10 lessons

We ask that you create your own groups with your friends, and then we can schedule your group for lessons at your preferred day and time.

Payment can be made via the Venmo app or by check or cash.
PayPal and credit cards can also be used but there will an extra service fee.